The Origin

Gérard Poulard was born in Lyon, a highly reputed city of French gastronomy. As young as 14, he chose the road of the hospitality and catering trades, on which his path crossed those of the leading names in French cuisine.

It was in Paris that Gérard’s talent with cheese came to fruition, with the capital of fashion inspiring him.


He decided to create cheese collections: Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer, with only authentic real farm produce. Every day he offered over 120 varieties of cheese to his customers.

Thus, Gérard took the stance of a sommelier talking of wine, and he became the Fromagier who talked of cheese.

He further developed his culture of cheese and studied for 5 years at the Paris school of plants, where he perfected his knowledge on the quality of animal nutrition through plants, herbs, and the biodiversity of the French regions.

gerard poulard

The Journey

With his son Olivier, then a pilot, they flew over the lands and mountains of France on the lookout for isolated farms, to uncover exceptional cheeses. They met with producers and their herds, to taste their cheeses and discover dairy nuances.

Thus, the Poulard father and son duet decided to become ambassadors for real farm produce, bringing quality products to the fore. So, they became the first Fromagiers of France.



Since then, Olivier and his team organise tasting sessions in prestigious establishments all over the world, showcasing authentic farm produce on the international scene.