A new impetus to French gastronomy.

Why choose us ?


A cultural exchange and a unique experience for your clients.


An animation throughout the service by our team on your selection.


Original tasting themes that blend travel with the awakening of the senses.


Training for your teams in the form of a half-day.

To acquire basic knowledge to know how to sell and serve Cheese.

Master the tasting “rise in the mouth”.



 An export base based on the Rungis MIN.

Hoteliers, chefs, importers or distributors, we respond to your requests by delivering a customized and personalized service.


A reactivity 24H / 24H.

Our history

Since August 1999, Poulard Paris has been sharing the wealth of French cuisine with the greatest number of people.

Fromagiers® and their teams have been responding to the specific requests of the largest hotel groups, chefs, distributors, importers and private companies for more than 19 years.

Event, training, product export, our experts will accompany you in the success of your projects.

Many awards such as the Order of Agricultural Merit below have been awarded to Gérard Poulard for a career rich in cheese events and the creation of the Fromagiers® profession.

ordre médaille